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Annual Awards

For details of which classes each prize is awarded in, please refer to the 2024 Hawkesbury Show schedule.

Annual Awards, Cups and Trophies
Cottagers Challenge BowlHighest number of points in the Cottagers Horticultural classes
Open Challenge CupHighest number of points in the Open Horticultural classes
Infant Challenge ShieldHighest number of points in the classes for Primary School children
(4-6 years) living in the Parish of Hawkesbury or attending Hawkesbury Primary School
Junior Challenge ShieldHighest number of points in the classes for Primary School children
(7-10 years) living in the parish of Hawkesbury or attending Hawkesbury Primary School
Secondary Challenge ShieldHighest number of points in the classes for Secondary School children
(11-16 years) living in the parish of Hawkesbury
The Brian Cole Memorial CupFor best horticultural exhibit in show (Sections 1-3, C or O)
The Bob Millard TrophyHighest number of points in Section 1 (Cottagers Vegetables)
Floral Challenge CupFor best exhibit in Section 3 (Flowers, C or O)
Potato Challenge CupFor the best collection of potatoes (Class 105, C)
The John Hawkins CupFor best large onions (Class 110, C)
Bob Boulton TrophyFor best specimen rose (Class 311, C)
The Leslie Wicks Memorial CupFor best begonia in show (Class 326, C or O)
Domestic Challenge CupHighest number of points in the Domestic classes
Baking Challenge CupFor best exhibit in classes 413 (fruit cake) or 414 (Madeira cake)
The John Green CupHighest number of points in classes 431-434 (Home-made wines)
Best Bottle TrophyFor best bottle of wine or spirit (Classes 431 – 435)
The Lyn Atherton CupFor best object made from recycled material (Class 445)
The Bill Burdon Memorial BowlFor best original piece made from wood (Class 446)
Photography Challenge CupFor best photograph in show (Classes 460 – 463)
The Scott Player CupFor best model made from vegetables (Class 528)
The Junior Handwriting CupFor handwriting 7 – 10 years (Classes 513 – 516)
WI Challenge ShieldFor the Women’s Institute Craft Table
Carnival Float TrophyFor best trailer or vehicle in the Carnival (Carnival class 8)
The Jim Morgan TrophyFor best entry in Carnival (All Carnival classes)
The Hazel Bleaken TrophyFor best handicraft in show (Classes 436-448 & 519-533)
The Vicki Hopes Memorial TrophyBest handicraft in show (Children’s classes 520–534)
The Liz Southwell CupFor best small, decorated cakes (Class 540)
The John Bleaken TrophyBest exhibit in Section 1 (Cottagers vegetables)
The Derrick Watts CupFor the best individual Fancy Dress in Carnival (Classes 1 – 4)
The Chairman’s AwardA special award, given by the Show Chairman.
To a person who has contributed in an outstanding way to the success of Hawkesbury Show.
Other Awards given on Showday

Certificate for best food exhibit (Youth section) classes 540 – 546, 548
Certificate for best photograph (Youth section) classes 550 – 552
Certificate for best floral display classes 401 – 410
Hawkesbury Allotment Challenge Award class 136

Trophy Profiles
Every trophy and cup we award has its own history and story to tell. Here we tell you a little bit about the story behind each one. 

The Vicki Hopes Memorial Trophy
Vicki made the village her home in 1981, and after settling in, quickly embraced the steady rhythm of the village year and very much enjoyed the many different organisations and events which were taking place.
Where Vicki excelled was with her love of handicrafts. She was skilled at beading and jewellery making, also flower arranging and enjoyed the art classes in Wotton-under-Edge.  Vicki died in November 2016.
I know she would feel hugely honoured and proud to have a trophy presented in her name for the Best Children’s Handicraft in Show.
John Hopes

The Brian Cole Memorial Cup
Brian was born in the rural village of Montacute, Somerset on 26th April 1940. In 1968 he was offered a job with IBM working at their Bristol office. A new home was needed for his expectant wife and 2 young daughters. He found and fell in love with a property situated on High Street, Hawkesbury Upton. Unfortunately for his wife (who had not seen the property prior to purchase) there was no house, just some land with an old wooden stable!! The family moved into their new home, a static caravan, in 1969.
Brian loved everything about the village and in particular Hawkesbury Show. Being born and raised in Somerset, Carnival was in his blood. Every year the Cole family and friends would spend the summer building and creating carnival floats. Over the years Brian played many characters including ‘Pluto’, ‘The Big Bad Wolf’ and ‘Captain of The Mississippi Show Boat’. Brian served on the Show Committee for many years, going on to be one of its Vice Presidents and latterly one of the Carnival judges. Brian died 31st January 2005.

The Bill Burdon Memorial Bowl
Bill was born on Tyneside in 1923, and served his apprenticeship as a wood patternmaker in the shipbuilding industry. All of his life he created beautiful things in wood, and used traditional methods and skills learned from a bygone era. Patient, methodical, philosophical, pipe smoking, his was the temperament of the true wood craftsman.
During his final happy years in Hawkesbury Upton, Bill regularly entered his pieces in the Hawkesbury Show. He passed away in March 2015. The Bill Burdon Memorial Bowl, crafted in Cumbrian wych elm, by Jonathan Leech, embodies those woodwork skills that he loved and his passion.

The Leslie Wicks Memorial Cup for Best Begonia in Show (Class 326)
Leslie was born in Old Sodbury in 1923. He was called into the Army at the age of 19, and when demobbed 5 years later, he returned to Old Sodbury. 
In 1950 he married Blanche and they moved to Petty France. The previous tenants of their cottage were both in their 80s and so there was plenty to do in the garden. He purchased a greenhouse and two dozen begonia corms. He was so pleased with his first entry at Hawkesbury Show, he continued showing begonias until 1993, when through illness, he was unable to carry on. He died in 1994, and left four greenhouses and over 100 begonias in bloom.

The John Hawkins Cup for best large onions (Class 110C)
John was a wonderful gardener and each year, he competed in the show with flowers and vegetables.
He made friends with Roger Warren, another enthusiastic gardener and they used to compete with each other over everything they grew, including onions.
It seemed fitting therefore to donate a cup for the Best Onions in his memory. He loved Hawkesbury and Hawkesbury Show and he would have been so delighted when a few years after his death Roger Warren won the cup.
June Hawkins

The John Green Cup
John Green moved to Hawkesbury Upton in 1991 and quickly became deeply involved in village life, serving as Parish Councillor and as founding Chairman of the Youth Group.  He died of leukaemia 10 days after the turn of the millennium.  In his memory, the Youth Group raised money to fund the red bench in the play park and his wife Debbie (now Debbie Young) donated the John Green Cup that summer, so that he could be forever a part of his beloved Village Show.  John’s favourite class was home-made wine, and he notoriously entered the same batch of potato wine two years in a row – winning second prize the first year and first prize the second year.  He was also once caught sampling other exhibitors’ entries!  He is buried in Hawkesbury churchyard.

The Derrick Watts Cup
Awarded for best individual fancy dress in the carnival (Classes 1-4)
Derrick was born in Hawkesbury Upton in 1932, he was a farmer in the village all his working life. Though quiet, he had a great sense of humour. He was honest, hard working and always willing to help others. Over many years Derrick was involved with the Hawkesbury Show both building the Watts’ family float and driving the carnival Queen float.  Derrick passed away at home January 2023 aged 90.
The cup is presented in his memory, by Simonne and Brian Watts.

The John Bleaken Trophy
Awarded for the best exhibit in Section 1 (Cottagers Vegetables)
John was born in 1943. He lived in Hawkesbury Upton all his life as had his parents and grandparents.  He ran a successful building company for many years and his love of gardening and showing vegetables started a little later in life, a joy which he shared with his daughter and the rest of his family.  When John retired, he spent most of his days in his garden enjoying the wildlife and birds.  Sadly, in November 2022, that was the place that he passes away, doing what he loved best.
The trophy is donated in John’s memory by his family.

For Past Winners of the Chairman’s Award, please visit our Past Winners page.