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Information for Exhibitors

The 2024 schedule will be available from June and can be purchased for £1.00 from Hawkesbury Stores and Hawkesbury Upton Post Office. The Entry Form is available to download here.

Important Notes to Exhibitors in 2024

  1. All entries including carnival classes must be made on the official entry form, continuing on a separate sheet if more space is required.
  2. Families may share one entry form, but clearly define each individual entry.
  3. All entrance money must be submitted with your entry form. Please check the schedule to see what fees apply for each entry. There will be a maximum entry fee of £10 for any one individual, or family entering more than 40 exhibits.
  4. Entry fees for the carnival classes are described in the Show schedule.
  5. Please deliver your completed entry form and correct money, in a sealed envelope, to the collecting boxes at Hawkesbury Stores or Hawkesbury Post Office, between Thursday August 1st and Wednesday 28th August 2024. Entries close at 5pm on Wednesday 28th August. NO entries can be accepted after this time!
  6. A full list of rules can be found in the show schedule. Any entry not complying with the specification, as in the schedule, will be disqualified.
  7. Any queries about entries should be sent to the Entries Secretary,
  8. Please note the requirement for Sections 1, 2 and 3 to specify whether you are entering the Cottagers class or the Open class by adding “C” or “O” accordingly after each class number on your entry form. *See definition of ‘Cottagers ‘ and ‘Open’ in the Show schedule.
  9. Exhibitors may collect the class labels for their entries on Friday 30th August (the day before the show), between 6 – 8pm in the show marquee. Class labels may also be collected in the marquee on the morning of the Show, from 6.30am – 9.45am as exhibits are brought for display. 
How to Display Produce for Exhibiting
Classes in Section 1 marked with #On white paper plates
Class 105Display box with sand or sawdust
Class 107Laid directly onto the table
Classes 110 – 115Display box or basket, on sand, sawdust or rings
Classes 116 – 126Laid directly onto the table
Classes 130 – 132Laid directly onto the table
Classes 133 – 136Display box or tray with black cloth lining
All classes in Section 2On white paper plates

For more information about other prizes awarded at the Hawkesbury Show, please visit our Annual Awards page.